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Welcome to GoKidGo Inc.com

Ever Changing, Ever Growing, & Ever Expanding...

Our interactive site draws strength from a diverse background of creative talent. We take pride in knowing that we have assembled a creative collective of individuals with strengths in all facets of our industry ranging from conceptual marketing, motion picture scoring, and various musical & fashion projects.

Go Kid Go's objective is to create an inspirational environment for artists and clients alike to come together and create the most innovative product possible.


Address :
Go Kid Go Inc.
1235 Howard St. Suite D
San Francisco CA. 94103

General Inquires : info@gokidgoinc.com

Advertising : advertising@gokidgoinc.com

Booking : booking@gokidgoinc.com


Go Kid Go is a movement that celebrates its independence from today's stagnant Pop culture.

We believe identity is important, possibly more so than ever as artists and consumers of music alike try to differentiate themselves from their peers.

We do this by feeding the chosen few appose to the masses. The aim of Go*Kid*Go is to create exclusive limited edition products that can be viewed as collectors items. Our products range from 12" singles to alternative pieces of artwork.

With a firm grasp on style and a passion for trend setting, we at Go*Kid*Go approach each emerging project as our potential first and/or last.